Oculus Medium Training in the UK

In summer 2017  SouthernGFX will be running VR sculpting workshops around the UK.  Are you still mulling over the possibility of investing into virtual reality for your creative needs? Or maybe you’ve started using Oculus Medium but want to get a more in depth look at the latest tools and techniques? Our live training sessions will be tailor made to suit what you and your team need and will be relevant for anyone currently working in the creative industry. Our goal is to add Oculus Medium training courses to out well established digital sculpting courses.



Medium is an immersive VR based 3D sculpting app that allows you to sculpt, mould and paint to create some stunning artistic pieces all within a virtual space and with your own two hands. With the Oculus Rift headset complete with the touch controllers, you feel grounded and as though your physically sculpting something right in front of your, all without the mess! Medium in its current form can’t completely replace top of the line desktop sculpting applications, but the SouthernGFX team firmly believes it deserves a place in the professional workflow as an idea visualiser and an interactive tool to show these ideas to potential clients

SouthernGFX has 15+ years worth of experience in providing ZBrush training to many 3D/VFX studios around the UK. This experience reflects on the way we sculpt in VR and we aim to keep this professional standard in mind for the training we provide. As part of our Oculus Medium course, you will be given a live showcase by renowned digital 3D sculptor Glen Southern on his personal workflow when using this platform. During his showcase, he’ll run through each tool the application provides from the basics, eventually leading you into advanced levels of sculpting. During this showcase, everyone will be given the chance to get their hands on this technology and will be given free range to let their imagination let loose with support from our team of experienced 3D modellers.

You can find additional information on who we are and the services we provide by looking through our training page HERE or you can contact us directly via info@southerngfx.co.uk.

And feel free to check out this showreel of some of the sculpts we’ve created…