Mixed Media Troll in Resin Vat

Epic failures when casting can lead to some creative surprises.

I love epic failures! at least when it comes to mixed media. This project came about as I was trying to set a 3D Printed Fawn head in clear resin. The plan was to use a clear plastic bottle with the top cut off then suspend the head inside some how and then pour in a mix of clear resin. All went well right up until I had just poured the clear resin in and remembered that the chemical reaction caused by curing resin creates heat. So hot in fact that the bottle actually melted. The model melted and his jaw dropped open a tad more than I wanted.



The end result looks like something that you might have seen in the ‘The Thing’. Not the result I was after but after some reflection a whole lot cooler! I took a load of photos and threw the best of them into photoshop for some filter and paintover fun. The experiment lead me to try a few more ‘deliberate happy accidents’. I did a quick silicone mold of the same 3D Printed head. I used some fast cast resin (cheap and cheerful) and did what is called a ‘slush cast’ where you pour in some resin and then roll it around to coat the inside surface of the mould but leave the main volume empty. Before it set I opened the mold and pulled out the still pliable head cast but then pulled it apart as if tearing the skin. I layered a few of those together and got this nasty mess seen below.