ZBrush in Schools and Colleges

 Do you need PixoLogic’s ZBrush in your school, college or academy?



With over 15 years experience in teaching ZBrush, we offer a wide range of services for Schools, academies and universities in the UK and Europe.

So if there is a real need to add digital sculpting into your syllabus and you’ve bought a few ZBrush licences for your facility, then you try and learn it from online videos. It’s hard right?  The videos don’t give you a workflow that seems logical? That’s where we come in.


We can:

  • Help get your art teachers, lecturers or IT team up to speed with ZBrush.
  • Offer help and advice about 3DPrinting models from ZBrush.
  • Write bespoke training packages for your facility to dovetail into existing courses.
  • Deliver sessions from basic to masterclass.


So where to start?

Pixologic have a range of documents available from their website that will get you up and running.

Getting Started with ZBrush

The ZBrush Brochure

ZBrush Education Brochure

Make sure to watch the ZBrush in the Industry video from ZBrush Central!