Producing Video Content for Ydalir Vikings



SouthernGFX was asked to produce several videos for the Ydalir Vikings Re-enactment Society to assist in marketing their upcoming season of events. Ydalir is the Manchester group of The Vikings, the UK’s oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment group. Their events help to present the ‘Viking way of life’ and the history of Viking-age Europe, from combat displays to demonstrations of everyday domestic crafts.

The team joined a small ensemble of the society during one of their workshops at a scouts camp near Blackburn. During this event, we captured a many aspects of what it means to be a real Viking.



The close-knit individuals who are dedicated to this group do this out of pure passion for teaching the historical values of the Dark Ages. It is definitely worth a trip out to see them during one of their larger events. Their commitment to attaining high levels of historical accuracy has also led to providing shows for highly prestigious clients such as English Heritage and the British Museum.

For more information about their next event dates, check out their website.