Oculus Medium Sculpting – Showcase



Over the course of the past 6 months, we have been blown away by the continued developments of virtual reality technology, redefining the way we create content, watch films or play  games. Now Virtual Reality hardware is becoming readily available to consumers, it is apparent that the presence of VR, MR and AR in our day to day lives will only become more prevalent. As the technology progresses we begin to see applications such as the VR sculpting software Oculus Medium. This software allows for the creation of 3D sculpts within VR, mirroring the way sculptors work in the physical world. Despite being in its infancy, the software has a strong community of users that are pushing the development forward through feedback to the developers.



In April, Oculus Medium version 1.1 was released, featuring a whole host of new features, fixes and upgrades. The software now comes with a collection of reference images, with shapes, anatomy, guides and stickers, and you can also import your own images with ease. These images can be set to float freely in the virtual sculpting space, or move with the model, which is ideal when used as a framework for sculpting basic shapes. You can view the rest of the changes HERE.

We have created several step-by-step guides and tutorials covering an introduction to the Oculus Medium UI. Also, check out our video on how to export meshes from Medium and load them into ZBrush.



Below you can find the rest of our Oculus Medium videos, starting with our most recent sculpts.

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We have a full showcase of models available for download to preview and play with in Medium. Just head over to the Southerngfx Oculus Medium Gallery and try out some of our sculpts

Or take a look at our Oculus Medium Pinterest images