Oculus Medium: Pushing the Limits with Posable Layers

Sculpting the Gusion Rebake in Oculus Medium

The SouthernGFX team has been testing out the Medium sculpting application for Oculus Rift with the touch controllers since early January 2017. During this time, we’ve been stretching the use of this application and pushing limits of what can be achieved when your 3D modelling within a virtual reality environment.

Glen Southern’s Gundam Gusion Rebake Mobile Suit sculpt is a great example of pressing the boundaries of this application with it featuring numerous separate layers in order to make the model fully posable. The following video features Glen showcasing this sculpt and some of the limits he faced during its creation…



When utilising multiple layers in Medium’s current build, there is a limit of 20. Even though this does effect flexibility when planning to make a fully posable model, it is very clear even with the maximum layers used there is no clear hindrance on output with the performance of the application. With this in mind, we can foresee the possibility of this limit being raised in the future.

These limits can currently be bypassed quite easily once you know what segments of the sculpt you would like to be able to move. This layering mode adds an extra ‘layer’ to the depth of creativity to be found in Medium. But even without this in mind, the current build already features a lot of potential even for first-time sculptors who want to delve into the world of 3D modelling. The beauty of your work created within this application really is only be limited by your imagination.

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Check out the images below which show the model in different poses…