Oculus Medium new update just released


Oculus has just launched their latest update: Oculus Medium 1.2  – “The Summer of Move”

We have been using the new update, testing out the new tools and improvements, which you can see in the list below:


Medium Application New Features

  • Move Tool
  • Reference Meshes
  • Studio Share Sculpting
  • Manipulators for scene objects and sculpt layers (also the ability to set the pivot of a layer)
  • Sculpt Origin object to set the export scale, rotation and orientation of the sculpt
  • Quick tool size scaling
  • Lots of little improvements and bug fixes
  • Featured Artist section of Landing page. We are very proud to be a featured artist on the Oculus Medium landing page. It gives a link to the main Oculus gallery where you can download most of the models we’ve been making since we started using Oculus Medium.



  • Move Tool
    • Move and warp the clay for proportion adjustments and repositioning, both large and small.
  • Studio Share
    • Connect to one other user and sculpt simultaneously on your own sculpts
    • Show off techniques and your work
    • Video record and take pictures of your session together
    • Note that Studio Share uses a significant amount of internet bandwidth and we recommend a fast internet connection for both users connecting.


  • Reference Meshes
    • Untextured FBX and OBJ import supported
    • Currently support vertex colors on OBJ only
    • Included some built in animal, vehicle, and anatomy reference meshes
    • Global visibility toggle


  • Sculpt Origin
    • Set the actual scale and origin of your sculpt for consistent exporting to other 3d packages in meters


  • Manipulators
    • Translate, rotate and uniformly scale objects in world, sculpt and object space along X, Y, and Z axes.
    • Enter precise transform values
    • Specify snapping increments


  • Quick tool size scaling
    • Pressing the thumbstick down like a button and then dragging and releasing the button will let you quickly set the size of the current tool.  This is more precise than using the thumbstick up and down


  • Layers
    • New layer creates material attributes off of last active layer
    • Surface constrain works on all visible layers now
    • Layer flip now goes across the symmetry plane correctly
    • Creating a stamp from a layer uses the layer’s world-up orientation to create the resulting stamp orientation


  • Reference Images
    • You can now color pick off of reference images with the eyedropper
    • Included some built-in color palette reference images as examples under “Color Palettes”
    • Global visibility toggle


  • Library Browsing
    • Assets now sortable by date or name


  • Small Improvements
    • Settings menu button now pops up when you select an object, in addition to popping up with the tool gear button
    • Manipulate sculpt in any support mode when you deselect everything
    • Buttons and sliders visual pass
    • Sorting is now present in the asset browser in home
    • Fixed minor visual artifacts in the Softcone B stamp mesh

Below you can find videos and images of the sculpts we created in the latest version, showcasing use of the move tool.