Lowbot IP Development


These are the first set of exploration sketches for the style and look of the IP.

Refueling Robot

These are value thumbnails to explore different ways a service robot, specialized in refueling other robots, could work and look.

Robot Look Development

These are quick thumbnail sketches focusing on fast idea generation in exploring graphic shape designs.


Ore Miner Look Development

These are the initial thumbnails for our ore mining spaceship. They exist to excavate precious minerals from inside the asteroid mines.

Heavy Cargo Thumbnails

These are thumbnails exploring different ways cargo ships could appear. These exist to carry the rock minerals to other locations for processing.

Carrier Development

Coloured drawing for one of the carriers we selected to develop.

Thumbnail sketches for the driver of the carrier ship.


Guard Dog Robot Initial Exploration

Intial drawings looking at how the dog robot could look in the IP world.

Final grey scale render for the carrier driver robot


These are concept designs for the most common robot in the mining outpost, it is designed to do most jobs from mining to repairing. There will be other more specicialized robots which are better at particular jobs but this one serves as a cheap mass produced jack of all trades. We took inspiration from beetles as well as frogs in this design, It’s scale will be about 0.7 Metres tall.

Piton Ship Development

Here are some development artwork for a mining spaceship. The spaceship finds large asteroids and sets up mining operation there.



This is the final realistic pass for one of the thumbnails from above.

Here is an alternate design for the Piton done in Mobius’s Style.

Space Cruiser design based in the Shrimp.