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Free Silo tutorials from the archives

Free Silo tutorials from the archives

So in recent years I’ve had to relax my dependancy on Silo and move to the likes of Cinema4D for my TV work and Maya for the majority of everything else that I can’t get done in ZBrush. However, I STILL to this day don’t think that there is a better workflow for basic polygon modeling that Silo and it is still a great Gateway package into the industry. It is much better to learn Silo then transition into Maya or Max than it is to try something like Blender (Although Blender is amazing now!).
So with that in mind and because of a really kind chap (Thanks Martin) I am posting a very old but relevant set of videos that were first released by the now defunct Kurv Studios.
They are old. They look 4:3. They aren’t amazing audio. But they might get you into modeling with an amazing package that is still very close to my heart.





  1. DeeOdee

    Hi SouthernGFX. Thanks for the videos, but the 6th one for the dinosaur seems like it’s not publicly accessible (other than for embedding). I tend to download videos for offline use, so please would you do something about it? Thanks again.

  2. Hung Nguyen

    Always an admirer of your works. Thank you so much for posting this gem


  3. Thanks guys. I’ll look at the 6th video today.

  4. Thanks you so much.

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