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3DPrinting: Space Ork

3DPrinting: Space Ork

Having spent several years with my Makerbot replicator 2 3Dprinter I decided to look into technologies with higher print resolution and after nearly going for a B9 creator (projector based 3Dprinting) I settled on the new Form 2 from Form Labs. Mine arrived in December but sadly it arrived with a broken front panel. Form labs don’t use serial number for their machine but had this awesome little naming convention. My damages machine was called ‘Soft-Dove’ and she was replaced with ‘Guidable-Wombat’. Luckily my wombat worked right out of the box!


2016-01-16 10.11.08

Meet Guilable Wombat, My second From 2 printer.


After literally minutes of setup I fired of a test bring which was a little under an hour and gave perfect result ever at a high layer setting. I followed that up with a 70mm bust of an Ork in a space suit and you can see the results below.











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