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‘Fawn’ 3DPrint project 2015

‘Fawn’ 3DPrint project 2015

UPDATE Sunday 15th November 2015 

First examples of rusting an Iron/Resin cast from a 3DPrinted ‘Fawn’. This one is a failed print but has taught me so much. The process so far is

1. Sculpt in ZBrush as always.
2. Decimate to about 250k
3. 3DPrint on a Makerbot Replicator 2.
3. Clean and prepare/sand the print. Use XTC 3D if there is extreme banding.
4. Mould as two part (larger pieces) or single block Pink Silicone Moulds
5. Cast using a range of metal powders and fast cast resins (Iron, Bronze and Copper)
6. Erode.

Most of this is expensive and/or dangerous so don’t do it at home kids! In fact, just don’t do it anywhere. If you DO decide to get into it then pay out for a decent set of masks/filters and goggles or better still leave it to the proffessionals. Still a long way to go until I’m getting the results I want but the process if so much fun it’s positively addictive!

There is something special about holding a rusted Iron version of your ZBrush sculpt!










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