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Celestron Telescope – Cinema 4D Model

Celestron Telescope – Cinema 4D Model

This Celestron inspired telescope WIP project is 100% Cinema4D and made with animation in mind. It is only loosely based on a Celestron Telescope but I’ve heavily modified it to suit the project. I’m currently trying to work out a sequence of shots to unfold it in an interesting way. Lots of mograph cloner, tracer and reeper cables.

The modeling is pretty much all done now with maybe a few changes to come to make the animation more interesting. Here’s a few test renders from the first test animation.

I just posted the final animation and some WIPS.


  1. Anonymous

    Outstanding model — beautiful presentation 🙂

  2. Nwbjames

    Really nice work.

  3. LunArts FX

    Wow I’m not sure that this is a real model for the brand Celestron but this is a great design of thelescope, it´s like the CGE Pro with and optical tube of 1400 fastar

  4. Mike Tosetto

    Hey Glen, is this done with polys, nurbs or primitives? Or a combination?

    • southerngfx

      Hey Mike, Late reply but it’s done 100% ploys in C4D.

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