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Stills from my short film ‘The Recruit’

Stills from my short film ‘The Recruit’

I’ve been working on game style models for a few months to use in a short film and I thought I’d share some of the wips. I wanted to do a little project that would stretch my Cinema4D skills and force me to learn After Effects. I’ve had the Adobe production suite for some time now and I’ve just needed the time to sit down ann learn how to use the bit’s I’ve never touched e.g. After Effects. There’s lots to do yet but the main stages are all built and the characters are ready to go. I asked for rigging help from the awesome Bret Bays and as ever I get technical support (when I’m being thick) from Justin Bates and young Paddy Fin! Thanks all!



  1. Anonymous

    BTW, I really like this short.. the “camera overlays”.. were those done in after effects?

  2. Great work. Absolutely love it.

  3. Nice one!
    Great looking rig (and a super fast render 🙂

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