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My latest Moleskine sketches

My latest Moleskine sketches

I’m a long time Moleskine user and occasionally post my doodles. Even in the new age of the Ipad as a sketch tool I still like to keep a Moleskine with me at all times. I love the feel of pen on paper and always will. I am currently liking the large notebook (13x21cm) with the plain pages. I am really heavy handed and can damage paper quite easily so the paper thickness is ideal for me. I do keep extra sheets in the book to put behind my current doodle just to make sure I don’t push through to the clean pages behind. I alternate between the plain and ruled notebooks but in recent years I’ve settled more with the plain.

I have a wide range of tools to draw with as I’m sure most artists do but I always always always  gravitate back to an amazing pen that everyone will know of, the Bic Cristal Medium (Black!). It feels right in my hand, the ink is dark enough for my needs and sometimes smudges a little (which I like) unlike the more graphic pens that I use. I have started to use a newer model called the Bic Cristal Grip which is the same pen with a rubber guard at the tip. I often get a depression in my middle finger when I’ve been drawing too much and the unguarded Cristal with the hexagonal barrel can make that a little worse. The guard does lessen the effect.




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