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Setting up Cinema4D for character and creature modeling.

Setting up Cinema4D for character and creature modeling.

Moving between 3D packages can be painful for modellers. I’ve been blogging about starting to use Cinema4D for character and creature work all week and this little video shows how I go about setting up a modelling-friendly interface for character and creature work. I use the same sort of process for all the packages I use and I configure the keyboard shortcuts, panels, buttons etc. in the same fashion. The layouts change as I get more and more familiar with a package and they often end up very sparse to give me a clean modelling environment



  1. This is FANTASTIC. The ability to script copy settings, like Maya, is a HUGE time saver. I think I shed a tear. It really would be nice to make C4D my modeler too.

  2. Thank you for the tips! and one from me too: you can adjust radius of a brush by pressing LMB + scrolling wheel (middle button)

  3. Along with your other introduction videos to box modelling, this video really helped me get started modelling with C4D. Thank you.

  4. Guest

    Little Tip: I find easier to use the Bridge Tool while I’m in Edge mode, so I don’t have to make tris…

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