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I wanted to try and build a robot in as few polygons as I could. I ended up leaving this guy at about 1500 polys. I made the base in Silo then UV’d it in Headus UV. I took the base mesh into ZBrush and did some surface damage to the chest plate and abdomen. Most of the texturing was done in Photoshop. Plenty more to do but it’s made me think about being more frugal with my polygon usage. Always a good plan.


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  2. That is friggin amazin Glen. Have you used Bodypaint within C4D for Uv mapping before? I am learning C4d and find body paint slightly confusing.


    • Hi there, I’ve used Bodypaint on and off for years but I’m not a fan. I much prefer ZBrush+Photoshop with GoZ.

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