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ZBrush4 R2 First beta Dynamesh videos

ZBrush4 R2 First beta Dynamesh videos

When you do something everyday it is extremely hard to break that habit. For as long as I can remember I have been a box modeller. That means that for most of my work I start creating with a basic shape (a cube) and then refine it by adding polygons, edges and points. ZSpheres came along in ZBrush and I tried to adopt that as my main style but the freedom just wasn’t there for me. Now we have Dynamesh. This latest tool in ZBrush4 R2 allows me to remesh a model on the fly. That doesn’t mean that I get really accurate topology but it does mean that I get a mesh that doesn’t have stretched polygons. It reminds me of voxel modelling in someways. Here are a couple of the first videos I did whilst testing the early beta version.




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  1. This is just so awesome.. Thx for posting and sharing!

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