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Modeling a Dragon (Timelapse)

Modeling a Dragon (Timelapse)


The first video is a 2 hour modelling session condensed into 20 minutes. It shows the modelling process from a basic primitive up to the  blocked out shape and form of  a Dragon including wings, limbs, tail, head, mouth and eyes. As with most subdivision modelling projects of this type I started with a mirrored cube and started splitting and extruding to build the shape. I try to use the minimal amount of triangles and N-gons in the modelling process and as I finish each section I remove everything but quads. The idea being that it’s really easy to keep it 100% quads without lots of cleaning up at the end of the project.




In the second part I created some materials and added them to the creature. This Dragon will have to be UV’d so the materials are really more to help the modelling process rather than being needed for render time.  I added detail to the head and legs and I made a set of gums and teeth and reshaped the head to suit the model.




Part three is more of the same but getting into much finer detail. Working around the model I keep checking for bad polygon flow and adding muscles detail as I see the need. I use lots of smoothing to keep the mesh as tight as possible. By the end of this video the model was back to 100% quads and ready for UV’ing.



At the end of part three I decided to try a little rendering experiment. I took the Dragon into ZBrush and added a mountain top for him to rest on. I used the transpose tool to get him into the correct pose with his feet firmly grasping the mountain then exported the model back out again. I rendered it in Cinema4D and used a wax type material with sub surface scattering switched on.




WIPS: Work in progress images


Dragon turntable (low res)


  1. Anonymous

    Freakign awesome man.. I wish I could model like that.. that’s super super cool

  2. Glen Southern

    Thanks Dave. Follow the steps mate. Its really quit straightforward and I’ll always help you as you know.

  3. modernslinke

    You got mad skills man! I’m trying to learn Zbrush when I have some spare time, and this vid will definately help!

  4. sadicus

    It’s always nice to see what you imagine a cube really looks like!

  5. woh I just saw this one! awesome stuff

  6. Alhan Italian

    Silo look really exceptional software. Fast, simple and fun. But it is totally dead or there is a chance to see a new release?

  7. Rachel Hoffmann

    How did you mirror the eyeball on the other side of the dragon? I cant do it.


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