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Hanging torso WIP (nudity, blood and extreme violence warning!)

Hanging torso WIP (nudity, blood and extreme violence warning!)

I was asked to recreate the hanging torso in this shot from a short film that SparkleVFX are doing some work on. The plates had been shot and the torso was filmed using an actress on a greenscreen. At some later stage it was decided to recreate most of the room digitally which meant recreating the torso from scratch. It was a very short turn around so I turned to Silo3D, ZBrush and some existing models on my hard drive.

The image below shows how the shot looked with the torso decapitated with post effects. The effect was perfect for lighting and textures so I used this as my main reference. I decided to use a female model I had made earlier in the project based one of the actresses in the film. I don’t often use older models in this way but as time was of the essence every shortcut counted.
I remodelled the female body by removing the lower limbs and sealing the ends with polygons. I removed her head and did the same at the neck. I made sure there were plenty of polygons where the head and limbs once were. These are the areas that would need the most detail one in ZBrush. I made some chain links using a basic torus that I extended and then used copious amounts of copy&paste. The ropes were made with small polygons extruded along splines but rotated a couple of thousand times giving the twisted look. I chopped these up and positioned them as seen below. The Plank was a simple cube that I extruded and added loops to crisp the edges.
Once the parts were all assembled in Silo I exported them in four sets. The body, the ropes, the chains and the plank. I imported all four sets into ZBrush then put them all together as Sub-Tools. I ramped up the resolution on each set and then began sculpting starting with the missing legs and then the head. I used a few basic brushes to get the torn flesh look but the main was was the inflate brush. I kept smoothing and reworking the damaged flesh areas and added bone fragments and mangled muscle tissue. 

To get the texture I decided to go straight in and poly paint the model. If you’ve never sued polypainting look it up at ZBCentral or Vimeo and have a go. The most important thing is to have the model at high enough resolution to allow the painting to look natural. In this case the female torso was at about 5 million polygons. I used a spray brush and a wide range of skin tones. Once I had laid down a basic skin I started to add the nasty red stuff.



I’m happy with the start of the model and next I’ll be spending some time adding the detail around her belly area and starting to ramp up the blood splatter polypainting.


To be continued….

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