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Snake Oil is useless – Try Beaver Talc

Snake Oil is useless – Try Beaver Talc

Snake Oil is ok. It does cure all manner of ailments and can do wonders for your wooden floors. However!  There is a new product on the market developed by those industrious little Beavers.

It can help remove sweat stain from teenagers, banish dandruff, shine your car, help with digestion, cure colic, make your teeth whiter than white and mask all household smells….If you only ever by one more thing in life then let it be Beaver talc! A Hassall&Southern Product available form all very bad retailers!



Actually, to be honest, it’s not real so don’t try and order any!  It’s the second image I’ve had time to do with my new Wacom Cintiq. I’m getting a lot more confident with the new ways of working now and things are speeding up day by day. It’s such a different experience than using an Intuos and is much more like traditional painting.


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