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Concepting some Troll Heads for a new video

Concepting some Troll Heads for a new video

I was doing my weekly sketching exercises yesterday and decided to get going with some ideas for a new training video. I will be doing some more head modelling tutorials and Trolls are my old favourite so here’s some of my initial ideas. I mixed up the styles to see which one fitted the project so there a little bit of harry potter, LOTR, Warcrafty  influence going on as you’d imagine. I’m thinking I’ll use th bottom right one and make him a mean SOAB with big rotten teeth.

If you’re wondering why there’s a flipped little head then you need to try it with your own work. Lots of artists do it with a mirror or on the computer to see if you have got any bias going on. I find that my heads slant off to the left if I don’t reverse and check them. I’m left handed and I find I draw some odd looking perspectives if I don’t flip and check. At the pencil stage I often do a very rough outline and before commiting any stronger strokes I’ll turn the page over and take a peek at it on a light box.

And a few more today.


  1. peter Minister

    Bottom Rights sweet indeed….get this fella up on zcentral..the forums starting to stink at the moment

  2. i’m really digging these sketches!
    well drawn and well presented!

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