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‘Chef in my Kitchen’ character illustration

‘Chef in my Kitchen’ character illustration

Chef in my Kitchen is an award winning company based in Cheshire. Whether you want an intimate dinner or a sensational party, one of their experienced and talented chefs will come into your kitchen and prepare an unforgettable gourmet experience. Their team of qualified chefs provide a complete and professional service and can provide a dining experience at your home that you will never forget. From planning and preparation to serving and clearing up, Chef In My Kitchen takes away all the hassle so all you need to do is be the host with the most! Whether you want a romantic dinner for two or a celebration meal with friends and family, we will amaze you with our service and food.

The managing Director Shokri asked us to look at designing a character that would fit in well with an already established brand and could be used for future promotion activities including web, print and possibly animation. We spent some time gathering reference material and photos and started doing preliminary sketches. To start off we decided to do some pencil sketches, scan these in and clean them up in Photoshop and then re-work them in Adobe Illustrator so they could be used in printed documents and advertisements. We tried all sorts of sized and style and settled on the one seen below on the left. It has a likeness of Shokri but is still very much a characature.

Once we had a strong likeness we used Illustrator create the image with bold outlines and a very limited palette of colors. To take it to the next stage we will be building a small 3D model based on the image below. We will keep on posting progress for this project as it is a great example of how we work together with our clients to get the exact look and feel to match their end need.


  1. Great design guys. It’s a fun but still professional character.
    One small point of critique maybe. I find the right sketch in the black and white image to have a more softer and friendly face. Looks to me a bit more inviting aswell.
    But realy, nice work! Can’t wait to see the 3D version!


  2. peter Minister

    Excellent concept and design Glen..looking forward to seeing where you take this

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