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Painting a Viking character

Painting a Viking character

I’ve not had to do much digital painting lately so this weekend I decided to paint a little mascot for my local BNI chapter. Fortunately they are called the ‘Viking’ Chapter which gives me something cool to work with. I always start a project like this by sketching a basic shape using good old fashioned pencil and paper. When I’m happy with the shape I usually scan the image in or if I don’t need to capture too much detail I just use a camera and grab a quick shot. When the image is in photoshop I then start a layering process that you can see in the little animation at the bottom of this post.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/12/]

The BNI logo is © BNI 2010. All Rights Reserved. Used without permission and classed as fan art for legal purposes 😉


  1. Dustinrogers

    I came across this image on Google and chose it from hundreds of others I looked at to use as use as a reference for a craft project I was painting…I’m a fan!

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