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Baby Red Dragon

Baby Red Dragon

I started this little Red Dragon project yesterday. Modelled in Silo, UV’d in Headus, texture in Photoshop (ZBrush later for seams etc.) and then Cinema4D for the rest. I need to get this guy fully animated with a full set of facial morphs and a full body rig. I’m spending today looking into expresso to sort out the feet. Steve at SparkleVFX is our resident rigger/animator and he’s been upskilling on up-vectors and a little expresso. It still bakes my noodle everytime!

Here’s a little of the work in progress:

And a test render. The texture is very quick and dirty for now. I want to spend some time building his chest plates properly and do some nice sculpting and brushing in ZBrush. However, the rigging is more important for now so off it go…

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